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Hawaii Asbestos Abatement Services
Safeguarding Health and Restoring Peace of Mind

Given that airborne asbestos can lead to lung diseases and various types of cancer, limiting exposure to it is critical. For Hawaiian buildings or homes built before 1986 (the year asbestos was banned in Hawaii), building materials may contain unsafe levels of asbestos that could be released in any number of ways. For example, demolition work required to repair water damage could release asbestos fibers. As can general weathering or deterioration of asbestos-containing materials.

Interstate Hawaii is a licensed State of Hawaii C-19 asbestos contractor. We are also registered with the State of Hawaii Department of Health as a licensed asbestos contractor [Raymond to add number]. Before starting any job on a building built before 1990, Interstate Hawaii always tests for asbestos. Should your home or building contain asbestos, Interstate Hawaii will pull in trusted partners who are intimately familiar with Hawaiian and Federal regulations for remediating asbestos. That means we will sweat all of the details for cleaning it up so you don’t have to. 

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