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Hawaii Mold Remediation and Indoor Environmental Services
Overcoming Humidity and Moisture-Related Health Risks

Given the humidity of many areas of the Hawaiian Islands, mold growth is a perpetual threat. And once mold sets into your business or home, it can pose serious health risks and lead to costly lawsuits.
  • Risk Factors and Potential Indicators of Mold:
  • Building materials that have remained damp or wet for more than 72 hours
  • Allergy symptoms, such as runny noses; itchy nose, throat and eyes; coughs
  • Patches of fuzzy black growth covering surfaces

Part of the challenge with mold infestations is that they may be hidden in walls and not visible. So if people are noticing allergy symptoms in a building or facility, it’s a good idea to have experts run mold tests and track down any potential sources. If you can see mold in an area, it’s best to remediate it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that mold spores spread very easily so proper cleanup procedures are essential to avoid putting yourself and others at risk of mold-related health issues, including asthma, allergy attacks and more. Given the safety risks, it’s best to leave remediation to experts for anything but small infestations.

Interstate Hawaii has an experienced team that is trained in mold remediation standing by to help across Oahu, including in Mililani, Honolulu and Hawaii Kai.

Whatever your mold situation, Interstate Hawaii teams follow Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards for remediating mold-related issues and protecting against health dangers.

If our environmental inspectors find an indication of mold, we will fully inspect your property to locate hot spots and understand their source. We will also share a detailed action plan for containing and addressing the mold and work closely with an industrial hygienist to prevent future health concerns.

Do you have mold concerns? Don’t risk the health and safety of your employees or family. Call Interstate Hawaii now:  808-484-4095